Administrative Services

EIB Outsourcing’s Administrative Services solutions assist Government clients with an array of administrative support services that increases your organization's efficiency and productivity while presenting a polished, professional image to your clients.

With a full range of administrative services solutions, EIB Outsourcing consultants support personnel management functions including In/Out-Processing and Customer Management to records keeping, mail distribution, project planning, document management, and facilities maintenance—all while maintaining the quality, consistency, and accuracy of client information.

In/Out Processing and Customer Management:

One of the simplest, but most important, components of the customer experience is their initial impression upon entering a client site. EIB Outsourcing consultants support all common in and out processing functions for secure facilities, from initial welcoming and badging, through collection of visitor passes and signing out upon completion of the client visit—ensuring that the client experience is pleasant and always highly professional.

Document Management and Forms Design:

EIB Outsourcing design consultants partner with our clients to improve the clarity and consistency of client documents and forms. Our consultants address every step of the client’s design needs, from the language used, the layout of the form, and actions that are available to the user—all with the goal of streamlining the user experience and customizing the information collected, which we accomplish through an in-depth understanding of client and user needs and document context.

Records Management:

EIB Outsourcing’s records management services are designed to proactively manage client information to reduce administrative expenses while improving the accuracy and availability of client records, whether records are electronic or physical. In partnership with our clients, our consulting solutions create opportunities for cost savings, improve business efficiencies, and increase compliance with regulatory obligations and laws.

Facilities Maintenance:

EIB Outsourcing’s facility management consultants operate at two levels: strategic-tactical and operational. We facilitate the accurate dissemination of information to clients and customers about potential impacts to the provisioning of space, services, costs, and risks. Our consultants also ensure the operation of a client facility remains efficient, safe, and cost-effective for its occupants.

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